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Freight Rate Index

US RMOC Freight Rate Index:

The US RMOC Freight Rate Index is a comprehensive Cost Per Mile (CPM) indicator that is based on fact. Comprised of 8 main and 65 total cost and cost influencing components, it considers completely, every cost related to freight transport by land. Each component is from the factual source and apportioned per mile, or is a calculated derivative of the actual cost.

The RMOC Freight Rate Index or “Cost Per Mile” (CPM) indicator standard equipment model configuration is a full loaded 48 foot trailer with a standard long-haul semi-tractor power unit. This general configuration complies with the laws of, and is usable in, any jurisdiction, and therefore is an average which closely represents the cost of most equipment configurations.

The US RMOC Freight Rate Index information presented herein, represents the cost and potential profit for the standard equipment model configuration to travel 1 mile, and is reflected in USD$, or portion thereof.

The RMOC Freight Rate Index is updated during the first week of each month.

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