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Freight Rate Index

Do you really know what it costs per mile (road mileage operating cost) to move freight by truck and trailer when every small detail and cost is considered?

Many carrier and transport operations have difficulty knowing on a day to day, or per trip basis, whether or not they are profiting or losing money. Understandable, as a complete actual accounting of every small daily cost and detail, and for every delivery, is very complicated, very implausible, and virtually impossible when considering the constant fluctuation of substantial cost factors. An obvious prime example is the constant fluctuation of fuel cost, and then accurately considering how it actually influences most of the other cost factors. Accordingly, it is extremely difficult to know at what rate costs increase, and/or sometimes, but more rarely, decrease.

Likewise, many shippers and receivers have difficulty understanding the actual costs of freight movement for their own benefit, or from the perspective of freight brokers and carriers.

The RMOC Freight Rate Index information is a comprehensive calculation which provides a constant reference point for all industry concerns to find their place in the market and then simply monitor how changing cost factors affect cash flow.

Information sources for Freight Rate Index derivatives include the following:

US Federal Reserve, US Department of Labor and Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Consumer Price Index (CPI), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) (CME), US Department of Transportation (DOT), Transport Canada, Statistics Canada, Bank of Canada, Canada Consumer Price Index (CPI), et al.

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